How To Relieve Corneal Flash Burn

by Jul 2, 2024

Corneal flash burns, also known as ultraviolet keratitis or photokeratitis, commonly occur due to overexposure to intense ultraviolet (UV) light sources such as the sun, tanning beds, or welding torches. Understanding how to relieve corneal flash burns is crucial for minimizing discomfort, promoting healing, and preventing potential complications associated with ocular surface injuries caused by UV radiation.


How To Relieve Corneal Flash Burn Immediately 

Upon experiencing corneal flash burns, immediate steps should be taken to alleviate symptoms and protect the eyes from further damage. Removing contact lenses, avoiding rubbing the eyes, and rinsing the eyes with sterile saline solution or lukewarm water can help flush out irritants, soothe the ocular surface, and reduce inflammation following UV exposure.


Avoiding Further Irritation

To prevent exacerbating corneal flash burn symptoms, individuals should refrain from exposing the eyes to additional UV radiation, bright lights, or irritants that can worsen ocular discomfort or delay corneal healing. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection, seeking shade, and minimizing screen time or eye strain can aid in reducing ocular stress and promoting ocular recovery post-flash burn.


Applying Cold Compresses

Cool compresses or chilled eye masks can provide relief from corneal pain, redness, and irritation associated with flash burns. Applying a cold compress gently over closed eyelids for brief intervals can help constrict blood vessels, reduce inflammation, and soothe ocular tissues, offering temporary relief and comfort during the early stages of corneal burn recovery.


Utilizing Artificial Tears

The use of preservative-free artificial tears or lubricating eye drops can aid in hydrating the ocular surface, alleviating dryness, and promoting corneal healing following flash burns. Regular instillation of artificial tears throughout the day can improve tear film stability, reduce ocular irritation, and enhance ocular comfort during the recovery period post-UV exposure.


Minimizing Eye Strain

Resting the eyes, avoiding prolonged screen time, and practicing proper visual ergonomics can help minimize eye strain, ocular fatigue, and discomfort associated with corneal flash burns. Taking regular breaks, adjusting screen brightness, and maintaining adequate lighting levels in the environment can support ocular recovery and alleviate symptoms of photokeratitis effectively.


Consulting an Eye Care Professional

In cases of persistent or severe corneal flash burn symptoms, seeking prompt evaluation and treatment by an eye care professional is essential for accurate diagnosis, ocular assessment, and tailored management of UV-induced ocular injuries. Eye doctors can prescribe anti-inflammatory eye drops, provide protective eye wear recommendations, and monitor corneal healing progress to ensure optimal recovery and ocular health post-flash burn.


Restoring Ocular Comfort and Well-Being

Relieving corneal flash burns requires a comprehensive approach focused on symptom management, ocular protection, and supportive care to enhance corneal healing and alleviate discomfort associated with UV-induced ocular injuries. By implementing immediate relief measures, avoiding eye strain, applying cold compresses, utilizing artificial tears, and seeking professional guidance when needed, individuals can promote ocular recovery, minimize corneal damage, and safeguard visual well-being in the aftermath of corneal flash burns, fostering a speedy and successful resolution of photokeratitis symptoms for optimal ocular comfort and health restoration post-exposure to intense UV light sources.


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